Back To The Human Factor with Mel White from Classic Exhibits

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Business has become too dependent on digital marketing channels and has lost touch with the idea of marketing diversification.  What happens when a digital channel shuts down?  Until COVID, most businesses did not think that was possible.  Reality is not only was it possible, but it has been happening more and more and started long before the coronavirus.

Political ideology, technology shifts, company acquisitions, and social trends all impact digital messaging and can push aside messaging that conform to norms.  The key point for this podcast is to keep your digital marketing, but make sure you have other channels to reach your audience.  The number one lead-generating marketing method is still tradeshow exhibiting.

In today’s episode we’ll talk with Mel White, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Classic Exhibits, a leading tradeshow and exhibit manufacture and get his take on the condition of the tradeshow exhibiting option for marketing your business.

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