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Our business is not limited by customer availability, but by time to service the clients and prospects.  Some clients/prospects are easy to help and others take most of your time with problems or challenges.  The problems are not the clients fault, per se, but a product of circumstances, industry, personality type, and project expectations.  Learning how to spot the problems in the prospect phase is the secret to business success.  If you can solve, or eliminate, the problems before they take too much of your time, you gain more time to help other clients or prospects that don’t suffer with the issues.

All too often small business owners use their 60 second elevator speech to verbally vomit on the people in the room.  It is almost like they are trying to get a sale from someone in the room at every meeting and if they don’t they’ll feel like a failure.  Pick one important thing to talk about each meeting and make it valuable for your network.

This episode should be focused on the presentation of business networking, not so much the types of networking events.

Things we should discuss are experiences we’ve had with card droppers, over talkers, the um’s and’s and uhh’s.  What makes for a successful business networking experience? 

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