Eliminating dependency on Google for all your business

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Google has over 92% of the global market share for searches culminating in over 7 billion searches per day.  They built their business on reliable search results, and their position in the marketplace is well earned.  Business has become dependent on the search results driving business, but now Google allows some political ideology to influence search results.  We can only wish for the days when people were punished for crimes they committed, on the internet today (and the nation for that matter) punishment can be doled out for not doing something.  And business can be devastated if it is not perceived as adequately woke.  In today’s episode, we’ll stay clear of the politics behind the issue and instead speak to a solution.  This is not a new-fangled solution with an unproved history, no today’s topic is based on a method with hundreds of years of provable success.

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