How to Separate Your Business from Your Competition

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There are many reasons people go into business for themselves: They see an underserved niche and want to fill it, hate their jobs and want to become their own boss or think they can produce a better product and/or service than anyone else. There are no doubt many other reasons but many people simply realize exchanging hours for dollars is limited. Starting your own business means you can work as much or as little as you like and there is no limit to what you can earn. And all of this is true. But those that don’t take intentional thought into business ownership will likely get chewed up and spit out. If a small business owner can’t answer the question, “What separates your business from your competition” then there is a long uphill battle in their future. Today we will help you get over that hump and give you some tips and steps to consider when setting out to separate you from your competitors on this episode of the Business Buffet.

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